This trip has been a whirlwind of excitement so far. I arrived in Durango Saturday evening to start covering the USA Pro Challenge. Sunday afternoon my colleagues Gregg Moss, Susie Wargin and Photojournalist Tom Cole arrived in town to partake in the coverage too.

Our first broadcast was Sunday night at 9pm. Tom and I reported live from downtown Durango – which is the farthest town I’ve ever reported live from.

We had a blast. There was a lot of excitement surrounding us – plus a pretty spectacular fireworks show that seemed like it lasted a half hour.

The people of Durango are very friendly. Many of them came up to us and introduced themselves. Apparently Durango doesn’t get any Denver TV stations; instead they get Albuquerque stations. The people who talked to us seemed pretty upset about that. One man said, “I miss my 9News”. That put a smile on our faces :-)

When the race started Monday morning I was already halfway to the finish line in Telluride. I stopped at Lizard Head Pass along the way to shoot a story (which will air Monday night).

Lizard Head Pass is only 12 miles south of Telluride. The drive in to town was spectacular! The energy, the excitement and the amount of people around were amazing!

After the race finished I packed up and headed to Montrose, where I am now. The second stage of the race begins in Montrose Tuesday morning and ends in Crested Butte.

We’re working really hard out – and we’re really tired – but it’s a lot of fun :-) The energy is keeping us awake!!!

Can’t wait to tell some more stories for you folks!!!


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